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Thunderbird Lodge

The eccentric San Francisco real estate magnate, George Whittell, built this magnificent Tudor Revival summer estate between 1936 and 1939. Located on Nevada's eastern shore of Lake Tahoe, the property consists of a main lodge surrounded by three cottages, a card house, a boathouse, an elephant house, a lighthouse, three garages, and a gatehouse all nestled in a high desert pine forest.
Location: East Shore Lake Tahoe
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Ehrman Mansion

Pine Lodge - the name conjures up accommodations not necessarily auspicious, but perhaps more along the lines of a rustic retreat. However, in local use this name was bestowed on a grand residence - the summer home of the Hellman-Ehrman family. In the case of Pine Lodge, foresight, and the wealth to take best advantage of it, combined to produce an estate which set the standard for West Shore elegance. And while the original owners are no longer summer residents, they left behind a legacy to be enjoyed by millions.
Location: West Shore Lake Tahoe
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Vikingsholm Castle

In 1863 Ben Holladay, stagecoach magnet and early day transportation king pre-empted land in Emerald Bay and built a summer home. In 1884 Dr. Kirby bought 500 acres in the Bay and built a resort. A portion of the Kirby land was sold to the William Henry Armstrong family in 1895. Mrs. Knight purchased the land from the Armstrongs in 1928. Mrs. Knight's land included the only island (Fanette Island) in Lake Tahoe and the only water fall (Eagle Falls) flowing directly into the Lake.
Location: Emerald Bay
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The Watson Cabin

Watson Cabin Curios still stands on the original site where the cabin was constructed in 1908, and remains an outstanding example of turn-of-the-century construction. Built by Robert M. Watson and his son, Robert, it is the oldest building constructed onsite in Tahoe City and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Location: Tahoe City
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